RAVESHADOW | a new single + video from Brasstronaut

Today we release a new track called "Raveshadow", the first release since their acclaimed 2012 album Mean Sun. It is accompanied with a video (above) that was filmed near Vienna. It tells the story of two close friends, based on a true story of two 30-something males. The choice of cast and styling is also a persiflage on the cliché of how women are portrayed in music videos and how certain activities are subconsciously connected to gender roles. The video was premiered on Wonderland Magazine.

The song blends rock, pop, jazz, electronic, and a seemingly new direction, while maintaining the warmth and complexity that they are known for. The single is being released via Hybridity Music (NA) and Tin Angel Records (UK) today - Thursday, July 28.

The band’s vocalist/keys player, Edo Van Breemen, talks about the meaning of the song:

"How does one cope with earthly responsibilities in a world where his boss is a master of rave. Diving in and out of dungeons with subwoofers, laden thick with clouds of cigarette smoke, watching the sunrise to an orchestra of seagulls at the bottom of Clark Street near the Port of Vancouver. And then working on sci-fi movies for elusive suited men somewhere in f this profession, but carrying on listlessly and loyally under the shroud of a rave shadow.”

The band hints that the release of their third studio album is on the horizon, and definitely before the end of this year. If this track is saying anything, it’s that we can expect the forthcoming album to be a mind-meld of styles and emotions that form a brave new direction for a group already known for charting its own orbit.

About Brasstronaut

Originally formed Edo Van Breeman and trumpetist Bryan Davies, the duo slowly evolved into a 6-piece band. After a three-month residency at the Banff Centre they emerged with their debut album Mt. Chimaera and took to the road. The band has toured extensively in Europe and North America, including Festival appearances at Iceland Airwaves, Pop Montreal, SXSW, The Great Escape, Incubate Festival and many more.

Members include Bryan Davis on trumpet, Edo Van Breemen on keys and vocals, Sam Davidson on clarinet and EWI, Tariq Hussain on lap steel & electric guitar, Brennan Saul on drums and John Walsh on bass.

For media inquiries and more information, contact:

Allison Deleo  |  alli@hybriditymusic.com